Founded    in    1989,    our    company    has    been    serving    the agricultural    sector    for    over    18    years.    Business    life    began producing   agricultural   equipment,   announced   the   name   of the   firm   since   1995   with   the   manufacture   of   motor   pump. Since    2007,    the    machine    produces    a    single-axle    diameter. Konya   today,   our   company   with   a   strong   marketing   network,   1 Organized    Industrial    Zone    has    been    serving    area    of    2000 square    meters.    Vision:    the    services    they    provide    to    our customers   as   a   leader   in   our   industry.   Mission: Ayka   Pompa'nın forward   the   most   is   to   provide   quality   products   and   providing after sales service.
Sectoral carry forward our experience ...
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